Diplom-Übersetzer für Technik und IT

As a highly qualified and experienced translator with a German Master’s Degree in Technical Translation, I specialise in high-quality translation of technical and IT-related texts. Several years ago I also began translating texts relating to tourism, which provide an interesting change due to the different topics and styles of these documents.

Technical Translation

I have considerable experience in the technical translation in the fields of automotive engineering, agricultural machinery, and mechanical engineering. I have translated performance specifications, technical standards, end user documentation and marketing texts.

Information Technology

I regularly work with Windows, Linux and Mac OS X platforms and I have translated many texts relating to these technologies ranging from software localisation to online help and documentation to marketing texts. I also have working knowledge of web-based technology through my responsibilities as a webmaster.


In the field of tourism I generally translate from Italian to German and Norwegian to German. I have translated many tourism-related texts from hotel websites, to presentations of holiday destinations or regions, to descriptions of tourist attractions and leisure activities.